Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Very Ispiring Blog Awarded? Truly Flattered.

Seriously? This means a LOT to me. I mean, of all the things I could think of being, this one is certainly up there. I don't think of myself as inspiring, but I would like to be able to. Anyway...I HAVE to thank snipewife for nominating me. So...thank you so much! And now here's what I've gotta do:

The rules to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are as follows:|
    Display the Nomination logo on your blog     Link back to the person who nominated you     State 7 things about yourself     Nominate 15 others and link to them     Notify those bloggers of the nominations & award requirements

This logo is a pretty cool one, huh? Well...I like it, anyway. Now, guess I'll get started!

7 Things about Me:

1. I grew up as a MK (missionary kid) and a PK (preacher's kid) and I loved it! 
2. Lived in Nigeria for 5 years of my life and it was one of the best times of my life. I haven't been back in a long time, but it's still my second home.
3. I LOVE food! I will try pretty much anything once and I love ethnic food, especially spicy stuff!
4. I am an avid reader! I like just about anything except cheesy romance novels (though I do read Christian romance) and science fiction.
5. I think my girls are probably the most beautiful girls. Ever. Well, they are! ;-)
6. One of my biggest dreams is to live on (or very close to) the beach someday(preferably the East coast, island, or another country).
7. I think that I have a very boring personality.

Okay, now I don't know that I can come up with 15 blogs that I think are inspirational...I barely follow that many! Haha But I will link to the ones that I follow that are inspiring to me. :-) In no particular order...

~ I didn't see a button for this girl, but here's her link: Living Deliberately
This girl lives almost exactly as I imagine I would be if I weren't married and didn't have my girlies. I live a bit vicariously through her blog...but she probably doesn't know that ;-)

~ Okay, I was going to put this one's button on here, but I don't know how :-( So I'll just put a link to  her page. Sweet and Wild
Her love story is what grabbed me first on her blog...I loved reading it and all about her wedding these past few days. Her story is inspiring and she is such a beautiful, sweet girl! You'll love her.

~ I know this girl from outside of the blogging world. There are two amazing things about her that I'll say...she appears to be an amazing cook (and especially baker, and I say appears because I haven't actually tasted any of her food). Speaking of which, Kayla...*ahem*. Most importantly, this girl is an incredible mommy to her 3 sweet girls! And she's just such a sweetheart, I love her! Here are her two blogs (one is personal, one is for FOOD): Super Mom of 3 Princesses & A Chick Who Can Cook

~ This here is who inspired me to get back into blogging! I really started following her and watching her put effort into her blog and it made me want to get mine back up and going again. She has been and still is a HUGE help to me when I need it! Thank you, sweetie! She's also just such a sweet girl and I love reading the things she writes about. :-) Between Two Rams

~ This is one of my BEST PALS in real life. Been friends since we were kids. She's awesome, super funny and has the most hilarious hooligans you'll ever "meet"! Not to mention they are adorable! This is by far one of the BEST blogs I follow (so good I even followed it when I wasn't blogging). Bunch of Barrons

~ This girl is "simply" inspiring to me because she is a woman after God's own heart. She challenges me to be better. Simply Helping Him

~ And here: The Bradley's First of all, she has one of the best looking blogs I've ever laid eyes on. She's also one of the most stunning brides I've ever seen. Her family's life is an adventure, she writes beautifully, and she's another one that I live a bit vicariously through her blog. I love her life, her style of living, the way she's raising her daughter, her relationship with her husband...she's just inspiring!

This here girl is sooo gorgeous! And she just radiates happiness (at least to me). I've just really enjoyed everything that I've read that she's written. I love her style of writing, it's so touching. I think there's been something in every post so far that has touched home with me somehow. Here's her blog: We & Serendipity (I have to admit that I was first drawn to her blog simply because of the title of it...I LOVE the movie "Serendipity"!)

And last but not least, a girl that I love! Someone that I met online but became a real life friend! This girl has taken on so much recently. You can read about it here: The Book of Lou Lou She has always been an inspiration to me, seriously...she's amazing! I admire her so much. She has an amazing family. She is an incredible wife and mommy. And she's just awesome.

I actually have a couple more than I could add to this list, but I didn't know I'd end up writing a little mushy paragraph about everyone (even the girls that probably don't know who I am)! Plus, these here have more active blogs. Now I just have to get around to letting them all know about this! Hope they take the time to hop over and read this and pass it on!

Thank you all for INSPIRING me! ♥ ♥ ♥


Amanda Schroeder said...

Janna thank you so much! Those were some super nice words you said about me and I appreciate it from the
Bottom of my heart.

Thank you again! Love always,


Nicole Hughes said...

Janna, you are the sweetest girl. I can't even tell you how very truly honored I feel... and a bit under-deserving! To be considered inspiring (and by you, someone who I find inspiring!) means a lot. Thank you so much.

I'm going to have to put some thought into who I'd want to pass this award on to. I'll let you know when I post

LouLou said...

THis is an amazing award, thank you so much!!! <3 love you

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Thank you so much my dear for such incredibly kind words!! You really inspire me, to be honest, and I am SO thankful to have found your blog!!

Janna Lynn said...

You ladies are ALL welcome. All of you inspire me in one way or another so you all deserved this. Thanks for following ME! Means so much. *Love*

Misty Leask said...

Thank you so very much! This was totally surprising and I don't feel "inspiring", just share my heart. Thank you again so much! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

You are truly welcome. The apple did not fall far from the tree. I am so gladd you got back into blogging. Keep it up!