Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're Following the Leader, the Leader, the Leader...

So I was just wondering...what determines who you choose to "follow"
' on here? Is it based more on whether or not you like the person's blog and the person themselves, or do you end up following more from things like "Follow Me Friday", etc. If someone follows you, do you automatically follow them back? Will you make a habit of reading and commenting on someone's blog posts that you don't follow? 

I will randomly comment on people's blog posts that I just stumble across, but usually if I enjoy that post enough that I want to say something on it, I over-all enjoy that blog so I'll end up being a follower. :-)

I also try to make it a point to comment on a post if I read it in the first place. Not always but usually. I think everyone deserves comments on what they take the time to write. And if I respond or have a reaction in my head, I might as well share it with them! And since I like getting comments, I should certainly make a point of leaving them!

Speaking of which, I try to always respond to the comments left on my post, but I sure do wish it somehow notified you when the OP (original poster) also commented, then you'd know to go back and see what they said...or if someone else responded to what you said. I try to go back and check but it can be a pain! I mean, if someone asks a question in a comment and then that person answers it, you'd never know unless you went back and checked (and it's hard to keep up with what you said when and where and on what posts)! And this is coming from me who still has a fairly small-ish list that I follow and even fewer followers!

So I started asking about "following" and ended up writing a lot on commenting. Haha
Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you took the time to let me know...I really am curious! 

Okay, I am starving so I'm gonna go get my grub on! I plan on pigging out on some salad! Yes, I can pig out on salad. A good salad is amazing and it sounds great right now! Not to mention Madelyn has been asking if it's lunch time for like an hour. Haha So, I guess I can finally justify fixing lunch since we made it to 11:45 (I just can't any earlier than 11:30). Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to lunch I go! Later, friends!


Bunch of Barrons said...

I usually just either stumble across blogs, or find them through friends blogs. And I agree it's always nice to leave a comment!

Kayla DeLeon said...

I just usually run across blogs or a if a friend makes one and I comment on ones that stand out to me =)

Nicole Hughes said...

I follow a LOT of blogs. When I first started out I followed anyone who followed me. Or I'd follow in hopes that they'd "return the favor." I've come to realize that quantity has NOTHING over quality!
Some blogs that I like, but don't feel the need to read every single post (like review or giveaway only blogs) I'll follow on twitter and FB, that way if there's a post that sounds interesting I'll still have easy access to it, but my reader doesn't fill up with junk I don't care about.
As for comments... well I don't leave comments on EVERY post I read, but a lot. And of course I appreciate the comments I get back!
Blogger doesn't have the best comment system. I think Wordpress blogs will email you if someone replies to a comment, or you can choose to have comment updates emailed to you. For my blogger buddies, if I'm reading your blog on a regular basis (like yours!) I will go back a few posts to see if there were any replies. It's a little inconvenient, but if I like you enough it's worth it :D

Anonymous said...

I am trying to follow or visit when I can but I'm sure you know when you take a break from blogging, you sometimes take a break from visiting. I hesitate to actually click "follow" because I don't want my e-mail filled with e-mails I just won't have time to get to. If I really like the blog I do add them to my list (like yours). Wordpress actually does a good job of letting me know when my comments are commented on and that helps me keep track. I don't know how blogger handles that. I hope you're getting some traffic--I nominated you for Inspiring Blogger Award.

Janna Lynn said...

Yeah, Nicole...I guess Blogger just doesn't have the best system!

snipewife...yes, I took a long break (like a couple of years) and am just now getting back into it so I know what you're saying. AND, I had missed that nomination, so THANK YOU now! I will def get on that. :-)

I'm kinda starting to wish I had Wordpress...lol