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Well, this is me :-) A few things about me: I LOVE reading...all kinds of stuff! Murder/mystery, romance (but not those cheesy, raunchy ones), Christian fiction, self-help (mostly Christian based)...I'll give most anything a shot. I LOVE food! Ethnic food, especially...and spicy is my thing! LOVE sushi. But I also love me some pizza or a good steak and mashed potatoes (I could eat mashed potatoes every day). I enjoy desserts and sweet goodies, too, but would take the savory over the sweet! Crazy, I know. I LOVE to travel and grew up doing a lot of it! I was a missionary kid and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a child, then Nigeria, W Africa. Several states throughout the U.S. and I loved every bit of it! I'm a homebody and enjoy just chilling at home with my family. I like to write (I kept a diary for years), and just enjoy journaling/keeping up with my thoughts and ideas in the way or writing (or typing). I am very open-minded and many of my beliefs conflict with those of people close to me on both sides of life. I'm extremely passionate about certain things, but very laid back in general. I have a huge heart and am compassionate towards others...always giving the benefit of the doubt. I HATE conflict and avoid confrontation almost always (except when it comes to my husband...oops!). If you want to know any more, feel free to ask or add me on FB or CM! Or just follow me on here ;-)

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Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

We are both bibliophiles!! I LOVE murder mystery, and I actually happen to be the biggest fan of Murder, She Wrote on the entire planet! I found some really cute books that have a similar theme. But I love reading anything really!