Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Been So Long!!!

At least it feels that way. I definitely haven't done well keeping up with this. I WANT to do better, I do! Here are my excuses...the move, my pregnancy, homeschooling I need more? Just kidding. I could fit it in still, right? I know there are plenty of busy mommas, working women, etc who find the time to blog. 

I did actually start one a week or so ago...actually I had typed something up that was to be a status on my FB and decided it didn't belong on there but was perfect for the start of a blog entry and so I saved the draft with the intention of elaborating and, of course, STILL haven't done that. But I will!

I have a tendency to do that...procrastinate. It isn't something that I like about myself, but it happens. I tell myself that I'll get into a better routine, or even make a just never happens! Ugh! 

On another note, I'm still working on unpacking and getting pictures hung etc. It's slow going, though. But it will get done! My parents are coming out from NC for Thanksgiving so hopefully that will help motivate me. OR I'll end up telling myself that mom can help when she gets here. Haha Which IS true...

Alrighty, now that I wrote SOMEthing I feel better. And I WILL try to do better! :-)