Monday, September 17, 2012

Marriage Monday...+ 1

So we just recently found out that we will be adding another little one to our family! Yup, we're gonna be a family of 5. Yay! I am super excited!!! It somehow managed to get out a little more than I'd intended so soon, but's a good thing I'm pretty laid back about stuff like that! 

Michael and I are both really happy and of course will be hoping and praying for a boy, but will feel happy and blessed with whatever God gives us! I'm still expecting y'all to do a lot of this, though: 

But like I said, we will be happy either way. Healthy is always most important, and I know that whatever we get (even gender aside), will be what is in His plan for us.

I love that my hubby and I both love kiddos and want a (sorta) big family :-) I love the idea of a family of 5 (I have a "thing" for odd numbers). I'm just excited! I am already a little sore and achy...but I don't mind even a little bit! 

I'd appreciate all the prayers you're willing to offer! And if you read this, then you're special. I would still ask that no one post on my personal FB page about it. Family of course knows, a lot of church friends and a few important others. However, I don't feel the need to have all of the randoms of FB knowing yet. So if you're a FB friend and one if the sweet ones that actually follows my blog...shhhh! Thanks :-)


Nicole Hughes said...

Janna!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I'll be blowing blue baby dust your way, but please... don't blow any back! What is going on around the blogosphere, you're the third pregnancy announcement that I've read in a month! You girls are going to give me baby fever if you keep it up lol!

Can't wait to follow you on your newest pregnancy journey! <3

Anonymous said...

Congrats Janna!!!! =)


LouLou said...

Very excited for you and now that you're expecting you are adding to my baby fever lol

Kayla DeLeon said...

Yay!!! I am super excited for you but me I am secretly hoping you have a girl so I can vent about 3 girls with someone else lol

N said...

Congratulations! Thrilled to hear your family of beauties is growing, keepin fingers crossed for a boy :)

Janna Lynn said...

Thanks, ladies!!! I am def excited :-)

Robin Lynn said...

Blowing the blue baby dust clear from NC ... how cute and neat is that? Praying for a wonderful day for you today and a super, fabulous pregnancy ... such a fun and blessed time in a woman's life. Love you my baby girl.