Monday, August 27, 2012

Marriage Monday

Let me start by introducing you to my hubby. This is Michael, my guy:

Now, I'm not gonna sugar coat things. I'm a pretty up front and honest kinda gal. Me and this guy...well, we have quite a story. (I'm gonna try to give you the short version.) We only dated a few months and were about to break up when we found out I was pregnant with our first blessing (that beauty up there in the pic with him). He proposed, I said yes, and boom...a few weeks later we had a lovely courthouse ceremony and were tied to each other for life. This July made 6 years that we've managed (only by the power of God) to stick with it. Our story is unique. It is a testament of our faith and the power of prayer and of sheer determination on my part to live out my life in the way I believe God intended it. Everything "worldly" would have had us divorced long ago. I won't's has been the hardest thing imaginable. We've almost called it quits so many times. To this day we have more downs than ups. We're together, not because of a deep love, or a time that we're hanging on to that we remember "why we fell in love". We're together because this is how God intended marriage. We believe that our children should grow up with their daddy and mommy in the same house. I believe that God can give us a love for each other that's deeper than even we can even imagine. And I will pray for that love until we have it! There are things in our relationship that we do have that are vital to a good one...and many others don't have. We communicate very openly with each other. We have a like faith and both enjoy and love our church and church family. We're mostly on the same page when it comes to raising our kids. 

I plan on sharing stories of our journey, my unique determination (I've come to realize how easily people, even Christians, give up on marriage these days), my personal growth, where we're come from and where we are and where we're headed! There is so much to say and I feel I've given you a very blurry picture of my marriage! I may have left you trying to figure out what it really looks like. Maybe that means you'll come back to find out more? It's far from boring...especially if you're like me and enjoy seeing the hand of God truly at work in this crazy, messed up world we live in! I'm amazed at what He's done. At where I'm at. I know, full well, that I would not be here if it weren't for Him!

Gosh, just thinking about it...I could write a book on my life thus far. My dad is a preacher. I grew up on the mission field. I was home schooled most of my life. I went to college. I partied and indulged in "the world". I still struggle. Now I'm a wife, and a mommy...and finding my way back to Him. I'm somewhat of a "bad girl" at heart. And yet my faith comes naturally to me. I am a perfect example of that thing that was so popular in the 90's...the yin yang (remember all the little friendship necklaces and stuff? Lol). I'm the white side with a little bit of black. But at times I've lived as the black side with a little bit of white. But did I go from my marriage to a yin yang?! Yikes!

I want to tell you more about me and my marriage and my life. I've stumbled upon a few blogs recently that I know I will draw strength from regarding marriage. I look forward to it! I know that I have words of advice and encouragement that will benefit others. 

I hope that I can build up my little world here in blog land! Make new friends....learn along the way. I'm still very confused with a lot of things on here! This is not a very easy place to get started or to get your foot in the door. Sometimes I feel like my writing is just another way of talking to myself! Haha But, I like to journal...I talk to God, and yes, I talk to myself so it isn't a loss any way I look at it, I suppose! So today, whether this makes it out there onto the screens of others or not I feel blessed to just let my jumbled words flow from my fingers...and hopefully onto your screen!


Nicole Hughes said...

I'll always be following along! I just want to say that I admire your faith. There are many people out there that use their religion as an excuse to judge and demoralize other people... and not much else. So to see the way you look at your relationship with God in regards to your marriage, family, and daily life is refreshing.

Janna Lynn said...

Aw thank you that means a lot to me! And you are right...for awhile I was almost "ashamed" to identify myself as one because people often jump to the conclusion that I'm an uptight, judgmental person...and I'm SO not! Now I guess I'm trying not to care since it's who I am and I just hope people judge me for ME! I actually had someone start following me on here and then after I posted my first post that I said some stuff about my faith...the left :-( Well, boo! But I guess if people aren't willing to ready my stuff even when they don't agree or find it's their loss! Thank you for your always sweet words!