Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Spin-Off Friday ~ Fall!

So I stared my morning with coffee and quiet...okay, it didn't actually start that way because I had to get Emily ready for school and that's never a quiet ordeal. But, her daddy took her today and Madelyn slept in (she has a cough and the sniffles, so she needed it)...and me? I got to enjoy some quiet time allll by myself. I had a little devotional and prayer time, got to sip my coffee in peace...I mean, what more could a momma ask for?

Anyway...(I had to pause in my writing to sing along with Choo Choo Soul on the Disney channel just now...isn't that sad? Lol)

One of the only blogs I followed, even when I wasn't blogging myself, was one of my dear real life best pal's. Y'all, this girl is hilarious...her photo captures are amazing, and her little hooligans are just too funny and adorable! She is definitely one worth following! Seriously, check her out. You can find her here: Bunch of Barrons

Well, today, she wrote about fall, and it got me thinking about it. Here's the thing. I am not a fan of cold weather! AT. ALL. I can stand a little coolness, but once it gets to the point where I am uncomfortable...I'm pretty much ready for summer to come back! Haha I'll take 100 degrees over anything under, oh...about 55, any day! However, there are a few things I enjoy about fall and I'd like to share them with you today. :-)

~ I do like those first crisp, cool days and nights...not cold, ya hear?! But cool.

~ I used to not be that into "fall fashion" but now I love me some cute boots, and I would like to be able to rock a cute scarf. I love skinny jeans, and if I can get rid of some of this yucky belly fat that likes to hang around my middle, I'd be okay with more cute tops in my closet.

~ I love seeing the colors change...driving through the mountains is especially beautiful during this time of year.

~ I love hearing the leaves crunch under my feet. And even though I love the heat, I'll admit that cool walks in the park, crunching leaves and not dripping in's kinda peaceful.

~ I love the smells. Again, the leaves...the smell of smoke wafting from chimneys on those especially cool nights. Hot cider and pumpkin pie...I can almost smell them now.

~ Speaking of pumpkin pie, I LOVE the two holidays that fall in, well, fall! Halloween is so much fun! I always enjoy walking through neighborhoods, trick or treating with the girls, seeing all the cute kids in their costumes, and of course digging into that candy as soon as we get home! ;-) Then there's my most favorite...Thanksgiving! And I'll admit, though I love focusing on all of the things that I am thankful for in my life during that time...the food is what really gets me. Turkey (one roasted in the oven and one deep fried is how we roll), all the fixins', and those desserts that mostly seem to come around just that one time (maybe twice) a year. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, pumpkin cheesecake...and all those other goodies we come up with!

I guess that about covers my favorite things of fall. The sights, the smells, the sounds and the's definitely got some good ones! So bring out the boots and scarves, because we are almost there!

Have a safe, blessed, and fun weekend! ♥♥♥


LouLou said...

Love this post, your writting just shows so much of your personality. I love it!

I love fall too, fall fashion is my fav and seeing the leaves change gets me every time fall comes, it is so beautiful.

Out here the way the sun sets and rises on the tree lines in the fall makes it look like they are burning flames and it is beautiful! I try every year to get a good picture, but it just never does it justice.

Amanda Schroeder said...

You are so funny! *I Just paused to sing choochoo.* You sound like myself! I love fall as well. Everything about it is wonderful. Especially the fashion heavy coats but not half clothing either! And Pumpkin about amazing!!

Janna Lynn said...

Thank you for your comments, girls! I can't wait to see those pretty sunsets, fall colors, comfy cute clothes, and smell that pumpkin pie! Laura, make sure you try for that pic again, girly ;-) I wanna see this amazing sunset...

Nicole Hughes said...

Fall is one of my favorite times! Love wearing my boots and skinny jeans! BTW skinny jeans look great with flowy tops that hide the mommy pudge ;)