Monday, September 10, 2012

Marriage Monday: The good stuff...

So, every year my hubs goes out of town for a few days for his job. That time may or may not be approaching, but I have to be's really not that bad. I truly believe that sometimes distance does make the heart grow fonder. I enjoy having the TV to myself at night after the girls are in bed. Not having to fix him something to eat every time his tummy rumbles. Going to bed when I want. NOT having to shave my legs every night!!! Lol That's a big one. BUT, I miss him. I think the space is good for us, but at the end of it we're always ready to see each other. 

So, I thought that today I'd list some of the thinks I like and love about the guy. It's always good to keep those in perspective, right? So here goes...

~ He's a funny boy. Seriously. I don't laugh at him as much as I should. One of the reasons I enjoyed spending time with him in the first place was because he made me laugh so much. Everyone gets a kick out of him.
~ He's a fun daddy. He'll rough house with the girls, watch them jump on the bed, takes them outside to play, goes on bike rides with us, coaches Emily's soccer team, colors with them, makes paper airplanes. Good things :-)
~ He's a daddy who helps mommy. Yup. He bathes the girls, gets them dressed, enforces good eating habits, wakes up with them on Saturdays (sometimes) so I can sleep in, practices writing letters and numbers, helps put them to bed at night, disciplines them and spoils them.
~ He likes talking. One of my favorite things is when we take trips, weather it's a 30 mins drive or an 18 hour drive (yes, we've done that before...with both girls), we talk...and I love it! 
~ He's generous. He is always helping other people. It's something that frustrates me at times but it's also a wonderful, Godly trait in him.
~ He's a good kisser.
~ He goes grocery shopping with me and the girls.
~ He takes me out to eat as often as he can.
~ He looks good in camo (good thing I like it 'cause he wears enough of it during hunting season!).
~ There are certainly more, but I don't have time to type them out right now.

Like I said, it's good to take time to look for and recognize the good qualities in your spouse. Even when you feel like there aren't many, or you're frustrated, or whatever...look for them! They'll still be there!

So that, my friends, is my post for the day. All positive :-) And now I'm gonna jump off of here because I have two coughing girls that may or may not be wiping the bathroom down with wet washcloths while in their panties. I need to go check this out. Lata!


Bunch of Barrons said...

Love this list pal! I agree...sometimes being apart is good for your relationship. :)

Nicole Hughes said...

Since needlessly requested off from work on Sunday (thought I needed the day, but it turns out I didn't) I got to spend it at home with my man and the kiddos. It was the first time we've all been together all day since he started his new job, and it was sooooo nice! I wish there were more days like that, because we don't get to spend enough time together.