Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just ME (a wedding and a vampire)! :-)

So I have still been so busy, and I haven't had much to blog about anyway. BUT this past weekend I went to a wedding, and I felt kinda pretty. So...I'm just gonna come off as a little self centered for a minute and show myself off ;-)

And for a contest in my FAVE Cafemom group, I became a vampire today. Haha

I did another one and had to add it!

Short and sweet, that's it for today. Have a great one!


Kayla DeLeon said...

You look gorgeous!! Even as a vampire =)

Janna Lynn said...

Haha Thanks, hon!

LouLou said...

You are the hottest vampire ever!
Also, you looke beautiful for the wedding, you should always feel beautiful love!

Robin Lynn said...

How funny! I obviously hadn't been on here in a while ... you're a very pretty vampire but am glad you did a couple of more posts! So happy the move is going smoothly. ;)