Monday, August 20, 2012

♥ Family ♥

So, with all of the trauma and drama that has been the start of Kindergarten, we decided to take a little trip to OKC (that's Oklahoma City for those of you who aren't Okies). We thought it would be good for Emily to have some cousin time and take her mind off school for a couple days. Also, it was my lovely sister-in-law's birthday yesterday! When we get together, there is ALWAYS good food, lots of card playing (Pitch is the name of the game...we never really stray from that), and just good 'ol family fun. Oh, and of course mixed with all that fun are all of those moments (memorable, at least) of the CRAZY that surrounds this family (hey, they're my in-laws so shhh). Saturday, we had an appointment to get some pictures taken of the kiddos. Now so far there are only 4 (kids, that is)...but you would think we had a whole slew of them! Most of the time at this photo shoot consisted of the adults making complete fools out of themselves, lots of bribing, and a few crying kids. Oh my, you would think we were in there torturing them! I don't think it helped that the photographer and her "helper" were...a little overwhelming, to say the least. Haha I mean, there's trying to entertain the kids, and then there's just scaring them more that they already are! And they were scared. I think we got like 3 pictures that had Emily in them and she had her arms crossed, head down, and a frown on her face. And yes, we bought some. That will be a memory worth looking back on. Ah...the joys of having SUPER shy kids! 

Let's see...OH! I got my hair did. My AMAZING sister-in-law Anna did a superb job on me. Here are the results :-)
I love the feeling of new hair! Haha I'm poor, so I don't get to do mine often. I mean, my husband makes me blonde. Yes, you read that right. He pulls it through a cap and gets in done! I hate admitting this, but I will...he does a pretty good job. BUT that doesn't mean that having a professional work their magic on my head ain't a goooood feeling.

Now, for a couple more pictures. I LOVE pictures! After the attempted photo shoot, we let the kids have some fun to relieve the stress. These two right here are just best buds already. It's adorable and I love their faces in this pic! My little Madelyn is just such a cut-up and I LOVE HER FACE!!! Lol The nephew is a handsome guy, too ;-)
We all got to go out WITHOUT THE KIDS on Saturday night. Dinner reservations at 8:45? If that's what it takes! We enjoyed some amazing food, delicious wine, and just good family time. It was so relaxing and something we all needed. Here we are, and please...ignore the crazy eyes! Kinda creeps me out but it's what we got. (WHY are my pics always so small on here?!)

We left our Maddie-girl behind in the city. She's getting to spend some one-on-one q-time with her LaLa (what the grand kids call her). I think this may be a first for (Maddie is her LaLa's shadow when she's around so they'll have a blast). Anyway, Emily and I watched a movie on the way home, and when she got bored with that she did what she does best and that shoot (of herself, of course)! Here is one that I took of her and her new pride and joy teddy bear, Cory. This is what my oldest stuffed animal (also a teddy bear) is named so it warms my heart that she wanted to name hers the same. *sniff*
 Have I mentioned yet how GORGEOUS I think my girls are? Yeah. I am a proud, proud momma. And btw...Emily did pretty darn good this morning when I took her to school. She slept through the night (yay!), ate a little bit for breakfast (it's the most important meal of the day, right?), and yes she cried but she sat in her chair as I left (normally her teacher has to pry her off me). I'm excited to pick her up and have some fun with my girl! 

Okay, I think I ended up just rambling in this post. But you know what? I'm okay with that! This was about family, and I did talk about family, right? We had a good weekend and that was so needed. Now, even though I have a few hours to myself and would like nothing more than to just sit here...I need to unpack, do dishes that were left over the weekend and then...maybe I will just sit here and do nothing after that. :-) Sounds like a plan to me!  


Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad y'all had fun with the family! Hoping Emily just keeps getting more and more comfortable with school. You're an awesome mom, and you're right: your girls are beauties! :)

Nicole Hughes said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Don't worry about the kids all cooperating for the pictures. It makes a much better story!

Janna Lynn said...

Thanks, Austin Lee! Today was another rough day dropping her off.

Nicole, you are right about it making a better story...and sometimes, those are the memories that stand out the most. The little catastrophes, rather that the "smooth" times;-)