Monday, February 23, 2009

Catching up...

Well, I haven't written on here in awhile, but alot has happened in tha past couple of weeks. Most of it not so good. For one thing, Michael lost his job. Bad timing, but hopefully it's just God's will and things will work out (hopefully for us to move to NC, which I'll say more about in a minute). We have already applied for unemployment, food stamps, and depending on how things go for us in NC I'll apply for Medicaid either when we get back here, or there if we don't get insurance right away. Also, our water heater decided to leak all out into our hallway (carpet) and we had to spend quite a bit of money getting a brand new one...but we did save a couple hundred bucks by installing it ourselves. I say "we" but really I just held tools and the flashlight for Michael, haha. And then Michael's truck started acting up (we haven't been driving my van for several months 'cause something was wrong with it), so we had to take one of the vehicles in (we chose the van), and got it fixed (though not everything that was wrong) and that was another bunch of money. Thank God we'd just gotten our tax money back and so we did have money for all of this, although we'd had other plans for it. We were going to set aside enough for about 4 months of mortgage payments for when we went to NC after the baby was born to look for jobs and stuff. Well, that's out now, buuuttt...we're headed to NC on thursday for 3 weeks to job hunt, and of course spend time with my family. I/we are pretty excited about it, and hopeful that Michael will find a job while we're there. I'm excited about seeing the family and them getting to see my pregnant belly! Also, I'm just starting to feel the baby move from the outside, so they'll get to experience that. We find out on wednesday whether it's a boy or a girl and we're getting anxious! So, there are a couple of exciting things going on, and hopefully some good things will come out of all this. Oh, one more thing. Michael's grandma is close to passing away (could be tomorrow, could be several weeks). His mom is dealing with alot of emotions over it right now. She's here in town (from OKC), and will probably stay around until it happens. If we're in NC, Michael isn't planning on coming back for the funeral at this point, but we'll see what happens.
On to a happier note...Emily turned 2 on friday! We went to Chuck E Cheese and she had a blast, then on saturday we had a double birthday party for her and cousin Adi, who turned 3 today. I'll put a couple pics up, though a bunch are already on Facebook.
So, that's what's been going on around here! Sorry it's been awhile since an update, but no one's been writing on here much lately.

RF ~ I hate housework with a passion (esp laundry), but LOVE being a SAHM!


Bunch of Barrons said...

Stressful times, I know. But all of us are praying for you! Love you, and hope I get to see you while you are here!

Robin Lynn said...

wow, Janna, I re-read that post and almost cried. IF you all had found a job our lives would've been so different. But, we're here, you're there and the stories are what they are. All in all, life is good, and filled with blessings. I'm so glad there is now Emmy and Maddie!!