Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keeping up with people's thoughts, their hearts, their days and experiences...but where are mine?

So, this blogging thing is great! 4 of my 5 bestest girlfriends have one now (and we'll get Jen to get one, too). I've also found an old friend or two that I'm able to take a peak into their lives and see what's going on. Everyone writes about things that are deep....what's going on in their hearts, or something they're experiencing spiritually...or, they may write about what they accomplished that day, or a funny story about their hubby or kids, or something that happened that upset them. So here's my thing. I honestly want to write more often, but I'll sit down and open the page to write a new post...and there's nothing. I don't do anything! I feel like crap half of the time (pregnancy stuff), I play with Emily, watch TV, browse Cafemom and Facebook...occasionally clean (these days when I'm not too nauseous to move around for awhile, or too exhausted after Emmy's in bed). Anyway, I feel like I don't have a life! I don't have any friends here, and I've lived here...two years now. I had a job for a little while but had to quit because of Michael's shift change. We go to our church and LOVE it, but haven't made any great friends and I hesitate to go to things during the week without Michael, not to mention, my van has something wrong that needs fixing (but we can't afford it) and the heater doesn't work in it...therefore I avoid driving as much as possible. I know that instead of complaining I should get out and do something about it, but it's hard! I also know that one reason I want to move to NC so bad is that I'd be closer to my oh-so-close family, my already established friendships, and that it would fill the void that I have for human interaction! Most of the time, I'm okay with not having friends...I'm not one for a bunch of "aquaintances" and it's hard to find someone that you just bond with and can have a deep and meaningful relationship with. I would love to have one good, solid friendship, though! Anyway...This is the best I have to write about. I used to write ALL the time. I was a good and creative writer, and I made many good friends just from sharing my thoughts and feelings (I used to be on a different blog several years ago). Oh, well. I love all of you that I am close to, and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.


Marine Momma said...

oh nanny...sorry hun. i understand the morning sickness and i understand the having no friends around. i didn't have any good friends in j-ville. luckily i wasn't too far from weez and my fam, but still didn't see them often. hopefully here i will be making more friends. but i'm the same way as you know, i don't need a lot of acquaintances and a lot of times would rather be alone anyway. would you like to come to okinawa?? haha. i hope the NC thing can work out for you guys. love you!!

The Barrons said...

Hey girl! Hang in there...I know how you feel. Seems like most of my really close friends aren't nearby. But I am lucky enough to have my family close and that helps. We're here for ya, even if it is hours away! I'm also still praying about y'all future plans! Glad to have you as a friend...and hope that someday soon it will be a little less distance to where you are! :)

Jessi said...

Nano, sorry things are kind of poop. I live here and I don't have any friends either. What's up with all of us not having friends?! haha.
You'll find your writing gift took me forever before I wrote anthing on my blog. And my posts aren't that great still but oh well. It's fun!
I'm praying for y'all and I know God has big plans for you. LOVE