Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, obviously I'm not keeping up with this really great so far! Oops...
Well, things these days have been...different. Some things are just crazy and surprising, others are just plain frustrating! Such as...Emily. I don't know what's up with her these days, but everything is a fight with her. "No" is her favorite word and she throws tantrums all the time! I know that she's at that age...almost 2 years old! Wow, how time flies...Anyway, man...I love her like none other! She drives me crazy, but I'm just so crazy about her! Haha I really am trying to work on my patience with her and with doing more with her. She used to entertain herself pretty well, but not so much lately...I don't like going outside these days because I detest cold weather! But I try to take her out sometimes anyway,'cause kiddos (most, anyway) just don't seem to mind the cold! Oh, and then there's the fact that if Michael's around, she barely wants anything to do with me! :-( That's okay, mostly, but she won't let me carry her or anything when she's feeling like daddy's girl! Just fights me all the way...But. She's learning SO much these days! She counts to 10 (mostly on her own). She enjoys coloring these days (and has gotten the fridge and walls a couple of times...and loves drawing on herself with pens! Lol).
Michael hunts alot these days...which is usually okay. But then he's tired and ends up doing less with Emily (and me). It's really not bad, though. I'm glad that he has this hobby and that he usually makes an effort to balance hunting time and family time. He's working 4pm-midnight again, which I don't like, but it's not as bad as last time. I'm not cooking at night anymore (I cook our main meal for lunch and we all eat together at the table then). He enjoys working with the people on this shift better, so that's good for him.
Well, the hubby and Emily are napping right now, so I think I'm going to try to do the same. Guess this is it for now! Until next time...

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Jessi said...

Dear Sis,
We need an update...say about your thanksgiving, the awesome shirt your sister made and why, about all you have to do or all you're doing...anything your heart feels like writing, blog world is all up for reading!
I can't believe what a big girl Em is...gosh I wish y'all lived close BUT know all things are for a reason. See you in July! if not before. LOVE